Many pets already have very negative associations with veterinary clinics or are prone to be anxious in new situations. This is when our Victory Visits can be very helpful. Victory Visits are brief visits to the clinic when we work on making experiences that were previously scary more pleasant for your pet. This usually involves a combination of medical therapy prior to the visit (anxiety medication[s] to help them learn positive behaviors), counter-conditioning, and desensitization during the visit. Counter-conditioning is the process of making something that was once really scary less scary and even fun for the pet. This is primarily accomplished through lots of treats to positively associate their experiences. Desensitization is the process of introducing a once stressful stimulus in very small degrees that are not stressful for the patient and associating them with positive experiences (i.e., lots of treats!). Please call to find out more about this unique service that we provide at Summer Creek Animal Clinic.