The dreaded nail trim. The vast majority of pets really dislike having their nails trimmed. The historical way of trimming nails is laying the dog or cat on their side and pinning them down or scruffing them. We now know that this may cause irreparable emotional harm, and it makes them even more terrified during future visits.The Fear-Free nail trim takes a more cooperative approach, training the dog or cat that the nail clippers are not scary, but instead, represent something positive such as lots of their favorite treats. This is best accomplished starting at a young age, but there is still hope even if your pet already hates having their nails trimmed. We can help you retrain them to tolerate nail trims without the emotional trauma. This is usually a process that requires patience, and Victory Visits will help ensure success. We promise to never pin your pet down to trim their nails. This may “get the job done,” but it also terrifies your pet and ensures that they will be more fearful and stressed during subsequent nail trimmings. Despite our best efforts, sometimes the nail-trim experience is still too stressful for a pet, and sedation is the best option because it makes the experience much safer and less stressful for your pet. Please call today to schedule your Fear-Free nail trim.