Perhaps the feature that sets us apart from other veterinary clinics is our passion for, and focus on, the Fear-Free visit. One of the most common complaints of pet owners is, “It is really stressful to take my pet to the vet.” The Fear-Free approach to veterinary medicine takes into consideration your pet’s emotional status every step of the way.

This approach also takes into consideration the smells, sounds, and sights that your pet experiences at a veterinary clinic that can cause fear, anxiety, and stress (FAS) and places them, as much as possible, in a relaxed state. Fear-Free also means that we must be acutely aware of your pet’s body language and the veterinary team’s body language, the tone of our voices, how we touch and handle your pet, and much more to reduce FAS and make the experience more pleasant for everyone.

We use species-specific pheromones that have been proven to reduce FAS in dogs and cats throughout the hospital, and we use a wide variety of treats during the entire visit to create positive memories for your pet. Furthermore, the Fear-Free visit means that we understand that your pet may be frightened when it is taken away from you, so we do as much as we can while you are present to reduce FAS.

In addition, we can provide you with supplements and anti-anxiety medications that you may use to prepare your pet prior to veterinary visits to help prevent FAS before it starts, which is more helpful than most people think.

Please call to schedule your Fear-Free visit.