Love people, Love pets.

We love people and we love pets, in that order. Summer Creek Animal Clinic exists to provide excellent and compassionate care for your dog or cat, and what really drives us is enriching people's lives by building a stronger bond with their furry friends. We are here to serve you.

Fear-Free First

We know visits to the veterinarian can be stressful for your pet and also for you, so we have made it our mission to break through this standard in veterinary care. We promise to work patiently and diligently with you and your pet to ensure the best experience possible. This is a team effort and from our first conversation, we will coach you on how you can take part. Please call us to learn more about this fear-free difference in Fort Worth!

Practice Excellence and efficiency

The theme of excellence and efficiency gets run through every decision we make at Summer Creek Animal Clinic. Excellency always takes a primary role in making sure that we provide the most excellent care possible to both you and your pet. The efficiency piece is central to our thinking as well. It is difficult to practice medicine efficiently and maintain a high level of excellence but we are committed to continually improving with both of these core values in mind. We do not want to be the practice with hours long wait times and we strive daily to be on time, every time.

Embody Honesty and Integrity

We value a relationship founded on truth. We work diligently to build a team at Summer Creek Animal Clinic that exudes honesty and integrity. Our promise to you is to always tell the truth, even when it is hard. If we make a mistake we will own it and be forthcoming with you. We also strive to be transparent in every interaction. One way we do this is providing a treatment plan (estimate) prior to services so there are no surprises. We are also committed to creating a positive culture within the team to better serve you and your pet.

Value Education

We believe it is our duty to educate you on issues that are important in pet ownership – from behavior, to nutrition, to healthcare. We have developed a robust way of keeping you educated through in-office and digital materials. Because you matter to us. We also value education for our team and are committed to staying current on the topics that help us provide the highest level of care for your pet. We require our team to have continued education each year to help us achieve this goal.

Have fun

Veterinary medicine is often fun since we get to interact with people and their pets. However, it is also a stressful, high pace environment with lots of moving parts. We are committed to making sure we continue to enjoy providing medical care for your pet by prioritizing having fun in the midst of the stressful and hectic days.