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Feline Adult

Preventive Care Club: Adult Cat (starting at > 6 months of age up until senior age) Items included at 100% discount:  

  • We use mostly vaccines that are half volume to ensure the most Fear-Free experience possible for your pet.
  • Preventive Wellness Lab Work and Parasite Screens.
  • Treating disease early is often much more successful than treating once it is already progressed. Relying strictly on outward symptoms in our pets for disease detection is often inadequate. Preventive blood and urine screen are a large piece of the puzzle in detecting the disease early.
  • Organ function and blood cell counts are thoroughly evaluated via a blood and urine sample.
  • Parasite screening through fecal egg flotation and new antigen testing.
  • Ear Cytology to screen for ear infections (1).

Value-Added items included at a variable discounted rate:  

  • Additional exam fees (unlimited) not covered in the plan are discounted by 50%.
  • Microchip including the first year of HomeAgain membership is discounted by 20%.
  • Fear-Free Nail Trims and Anal Gland Expressions are discounted by 20%.
  • These are typically very stressful experiences for your pet and we aim to change this through a Fear-Free approach. Visit
  • Some cats already have a negative association with the veterinarian and begin a fear response before they even enter the clinic. We want to change that. Victory Visit are fun visits where nothing but treats, pets, and positive things happen so we can work to create new, positive associations with the vet clinic.
  • Feline Leukemia and Feline Immunodeficiency Viral testing discounted by 20%.
  • This is not included as 100% discount on the plan because not every cat’s lifestyle will warrant testing annually.

Monthly Rate for Preventive Care Club: Adult Cat Plan: $21  

  • Over 30% discount based on retail rates (not including the value-added items).
  • Value-added discounts are a pure bonus of being a Preventive Care Club member.
  • One-time, non-refundable, $50 enrollment fee and the first three months due at sign-up.
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