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Dental Prevention

Dental Prevention Plan: Dog and Cat (any age) One of the most overlooked aspects of disease prevention in our dogs and cats is dental care, and periodontal disease is the most common dental disease in dogs and cats. By age three, 85% of dogs and 75% of cats have some form of periodontal disease.

If this infection and inflammation under their gums is left unchecked, it will lead to silent pain and may result in premature death. Dogs and cats do not show oral pain as we might expect, but periodontal disease is most definitely painful.

At Summer Creek Animal Clinic, we want to do everything we can to help provide your pet with a disease free and comfortable mouth for their entire lives. At the minimum, this includes annual professional dental procedures (Dental Cleanings) and effective at-home oral hygiene between dental procedures.

Our Dental Prevention Plan will help make this possible by providing good professional dental care at an affordable monthly rate. Unfortunately, the level of dental care provided by veterinarians is not standardized. Consequently, there are crucial treatments that should be included in every dental procedure; however, you cannot assume that every veterinarian will include them in their practice.

The goal of any professional dental procedure is to remove infection, inflammation, and any source of pain. A simple scaling of the teeth will not achieve this goal. Instead, the procedures that must be included to accomplish our goal of removing infection, inflammation, and pain are anesthesia, full-mouth Digital Dental X-Rays to evaluate under the gumline, a thorough oral exam with probing by a trained professional or veterinarian, and adequate veterinarian education and training to identify and treat all sources of infection, inflammation, and pain.

We are equipped with all of these capabilities at Summer Creek Animal Clinic so you can be assured that your beloved pet will be well cared for. We take anesthesia very seriously and comply with the highest standard to ensure minimal risk for your pet. Pre-anesthetic blood work to evaluate organ function is included. Please see our anesthesia services page for more details.

Monthly Rate Dental Prevention Plan: Dog and Cat (includes one annual professional dental procedure and cleaning) - Dogs and Cats: $25.  

  • Dental Prevention Plan members save $50 annually on the base cost of the dental procedure ($300 instead of $350)

  • All additional dental-specific items needed during a dental procedure (i.e., local anesthesia, dental extractions, etc.) are discounted 10% for all Dental Prevention Plan members.

  • It is important to note the high quality of dentistry we provide because it cannot be compared to “low-cost” dentistry that often leaves disease behind in your pet’s mouth. We intentionally priced the high level of dentistry that we provide lower than typical so we can serve a broader population of pets.

  • One-time, non-refundable, $10 enrollment fee and the first three months due at sign-up

  • The enrollment fee is waived if you sign up in conjunction with the Preventive Care Club Adult or Senior plan

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