As things continue to progress with COVID-19 and restrictions continue to increase, we have made necessary adjustments in order to continue caring for your pet as well as keep you and our team safe.

In order to complete appointments safely, we ask that you text or call when you arrive and wait in your so we can ensure we have an exam room ready for you to go straight into with your pet. At this time we are only allowing one person in the building per family, but we are offering curbside appointments if you have more people in your party.

We can also have others join in on the appointment via phone call, just let us know! For curbside appointments, we will take your pet directly to their private exam room where they will receive the same high level of care they always do. We will call to discuss a customized treatment plan and once their visit is complete, we will bring them back to you. We are scheduling grooming appointments as normal.

If you have a lab sample to drop by, please leave the sample in the ice chest by the door. Shoot us a quick text if you can, but we will check for samples regularly. For all prescription refills, please call or text when you arrive and we will bring your medications out to your car. We also have an online pharmacy for you to utilize so you don't even have to leave the house.

Our Online Pharmacy: Order Online

Thank you, family! We are so thankful for you, your pet, and your commitment to their care. We are here for any concerns, fears, or questions you may have. Please don't hesitate to contact us.