Caleb Molock

Veterinary Technician


When I was little I remember I wanted to just be around animals all day and just meet every new dog or cat anywhere I went. I’ve always had a passion to help others and make their days a little easier. I learned about the field of veterinary care about two years ago now, and I fell in love with the idea of coming in each day to help animals in need and work with others who share the same common interest. Not only that, but I enrolled in a Veterinary Technician program to further myself in this field and continue to grow on this path.

I was born in Burleson Texas and have lived in Cleburne Texas my whole life. When I'm not working I'm at home spending time with my fiancée and our pets. We have two German Shepherds, a crested gecko, and a bearded dragon. One hobby I have is skateboarding, I've been skateboarding for about eight years now. It's a great way to exercise and relax from time to time.